In the last couple of days many people have asked me to make printable posters to support Habiba and her 15 month old daughter, Alma, whom the IMMF have separated for no comprehensible reason, so here they are. If you wish to use them, please click on each image, then right click "save image as", and print in whatever size you need. I originally designed the logo in the ideal resolution for Facebook, so if you print it in an extremely large size, (for instance A1), the hands might look a bit fuzzy. Please bear with me, I have no free time to redraw the whole logo from scratch in the appropriate dimensions for a poster, and it hadn't crossed my mind that we would need international support, or mass peaceful protests in order to help Habiba get her baby back. I had so many t-shirt requests that I ended up redrawing the whole logo in high-res, so these are good for printing in large...

The idea is to print both images and paste them back to back, so passers by can read both points of view, Habiba's and Alma's as well.

You can find the itinerary for peaceful protests being organized all over the world here. If you live in a town where a protest for Habiba hasn't been scheduled yet, and wish to help out and host one yourself, please  post on the wall telling us where you live and that you wish to volunteer.

Support Habiba and Alma t-shirts

Over the last few days, many people have asked me to make t-shirts with the logo I designed to support Habiba's cause. Upon Habiba's request, I made a new logo with Alma's name inside the heart. Both logos are available on separate t-shirts, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

I uploaded them to Zazzle, and made them customizable so everyone can change to a different garment (sweaters, sleeveless t-shirts, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, men's, baby or kids sizes), you may also change the color of the garment, so the t-shirt that appears in black fabric (with the logo in white) may be changed into any other dark color (violet, brown, etc.). The t-shirt that displayed in white fabric (whith the logo in black) can be changed into any other light color. If you wish to add your name or any other personal message on the back, you may do so as well.

White and other light colored t-shirts take about 24 hours to be delivered to your door, and dark colors usually take 3-5 days. I did not set the prices myself, they are the lowest possible according to Zazzle's policies. The website offers discounts for bulk orders starting at 5 garments, so you could place a joint orders with friends and other people living nearby.

* We are all Habiba white t-shirt

* We are all Habiba black t-shirt

* We are all Alma white t-shirt

* We are all Alma black t-shirt

I am working on a new article with updates and more info about the protests being organized worldwide, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please join the international Facebook page for Habiba, and read more about her here:

In English:

Spanish government authorities removed 15 month old nursling from mother's care due to her refusal to wean her child by force

In Spanish:
If this story has touched your heart, if you wish to help in any way, please share this post. If you have a blog, please re-publish, if you know anyone in the press, anywhere in the world who could help in any way, please do contact them.

If you wish to use the above images on a blog or any other media, please remember to link back.

Image credits Louma Sader Bujana / Amor Maternal

Thank you everyone for your support! 

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Louma Sader Bujana

Es autora de múltiples bestsellers, entre ellos Reflexiones sobre Crianza Respetuosa, y Happy Agenda, así como creadora de diversos cursos pioneros que devuelven el bienestar y la fluidez a la relación madre-hijo. Es, además de Licenciada en Odontología, con un enfoque en la educación y prevención, la fundadora de Amor Maternal, y de la Academia de la Crianza Respetuosa. Se ha especializado en marketing y emprendimiento online, ofreciendo consultoría para profesionales y pequeñas empresas.

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